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Jewellery Equipment
Gold Testing machine
Known for its extremely high accuracy & excellent repeatability along with a very user friendly software interface, our gold testing machines are considered amongst the best with proven capability and several successful installations across the globe
Laser Marking Machine
Compact design, excellent laser technology & easy to use application makes it one of the most reliable & best marking machine

Laser Welding Machine
Our Laser welding machine signifies versatility, high speed performance & excellent machine-to-operator interface

Engraving Machine
One of the very cost effective equipment with very less installation space & low power consuming however very efficient & easy to use
Professional Cutting Machine CFC
Requirements for Logos, Text Designs and Graphics Patterns are commonly used in Jewellery and Industries for which Laser Cutting is a common tool which is indispensable in such Industries.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic cleaning depends upon cavitation, the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a cleaning liquid
Karat Tester
Electromagnetic technology based highly sophisticated & reliable Karat analyzer designed by us to test the purity of the Gold
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